Wrongful Death and Motor Vehicle Accidents

A Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer on Wrongful Death and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Philadelphia Auto Accident LawyerA wrongful death lawsuit may be filed when an individual is killed by the negligent behavior of another. As a Philadelphia auto accident lawyer will tell you, motor vehicle accidents are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths each year. You need to know why your loved one lost his or her life.

Many Families of Fatal Auto Accident Victims Never File a Claim

The trauma of losing a loved one is devastating, and the last thing those left behind are considering is litigation. There are, however, important issues to consider. Among those a Philadelphia auto accident attorney will emphasize are:

  • It is important to have closure by knowing the facts
  • The victim may have been the primary wage earner in the family

The Importance of Acting Quickly to Preserve Important Evidence

Although it is true that no amount of money will bring back your loved one; all the law allows is monetary compensation. Your Philadelphia auto accident lawyer will explain that delaying legal proceedings can result in:

  • Evidence being lost
  • Witnesses’ memories fading
  • Insurance companies’ reluctance to open old files
  • Statutes of limitations may expire

Legal Issues in Wrongful Death

Some deaths involving motor vehicles are truly accidental. To support a wrongful death claim, a Philadelphia auto accident attorney must show that the driver who caused the accident acted either negligently or recklessly. Many cases involve a driver under the influence of alcohol or other substance which present other legal issues for your Pennsylvania auto accident lawyer.

A Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer on Damages

Compensation includes economic loss, such as final medical expenses, funeral expenses and loss of income, including potential future income. Non-economic damages include emotional pain and suffering and loss of companionship for those left behind. Your Philadelphia auto accident lawyer can best explain the circumstance under which punitive damages may be appropriate.

Contact a Philadelphia Auto Accident Attorney

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