Injuries from Motor Vehicle Accidents

A Philadelphia Auto Accident Attorney Discusses Injuries from Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents account for the vast majority of personal injuries in the United States. Often the injuries are obvious, which results in immediate medical attention addressing those injuries. However, all too often, as a Philadelphia auto accident lawyer can attest, the injuries are more subtle and the symptoms are slow to develop. Be certain you have a full understanding of both the injuries you have sustained in the accident and your rights to be compensated for your damages.

Types of Injuries That Are Difficult to Diagnose

As serious as some injuries are, such as broken bones, the diagnosis and subsequent treatment is ge????????????nerally relatively straight-forward and the timeline for recovery clear. Other injuries create more uncertainty. Among these are:

  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Brain injuries

For injuries such as these, symptoms may not be apparent for days, weeks or perhaps months.

The Role of Insurance Companies

The reality, as your Philadelphia auto accident lawyer can explain, is that insurance companies, including your own, are not on your side when it comes to settling an accident claim. Insurance is a profit-driven business; as such, your claim adjuster will look to settle quickly and for a low dollar amount. Seldom is it in your best interests to opt for a quick settlement without speaking to an experienced Philadelphia auto accident attorney.

The Role of a Philadelphia Auto Accident Attorney

Your first priority is to seek the medical attention you need and recover, to the best extent possible, from your injuries. An experienced Philadelphia auto accident attorney has the necessary medical resources for you, if you cannot find them on your own. As you concentrate on your physical recovery and getting your life back, the last thing you need to deal with is negotiating with an insurance adjuster. Let your Philadelphia auto accident attorney assume that burden.

Contact a Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer

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