Disabling Injuries While Working

An Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia on Disabling Workplace Injuries

Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia Workplace injuries are quite common. While most are relatively minor, and workers usually are able to heal without missing time on the job, in some cases the injuries can be disabling. If you have been injured seriously and were left disabled, you need to know what benefits are available to you. An injury attorney in Philadelphia can help you sort through the process and protect your rights.

Types of Injuries

Typically, disabling workplace injuries fall into one of the following three categories, as an injury lawyer in Philadelphia will tell you:

  • Injuries sustained while actually conducting the activities of the job
  • Injuries sustained at the workplace while not actually working, such as during a scheduled break
  • Gradual injuries sustained cumulatively over a period of time due, as an injury lawyer in Philadelphia will suggest, to exposure to some toxin at the workplace or perhaps a repetitive motion injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is the primary remedy for those injured on the job. An important consideration that an injury attorney in Philadelphia understands is that although workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, it is adversarial in the sense that claims are often denied; or benefits are stopped before they should be. In many cases where the worker sustained serious injuries, the insurance carrier may offer a lump sum settlement, which if accepted precludes any further benefits. You should consult with a knowledgeable injury lawyer in Philadelphia before opting for any final settlement.

Protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The key question an injury lawyer in Philadelphia will consider is whether the injury sustained qualifies you as “disabled” for ADA purposes. If so, your employer must make reasonable accommodations to enable you to perform the functions of your job. This is an important point because many injured individuals wish to remain productive and could do so with some assistance.

Contact an Injury Attorney in Philadelphia for Legal Advice

There are several areas of law involved with securing the rights of a worker with disabling injuries. Be certain you receive the proper advice. Contact the experienced staff at Gerard G. Bernhardt, Jr. & Associates, P.C., an injury lawyer in Philadelphia, at 1650 Market St. Suite 5500, Philadelphia, PA 19103, phone/215-854-0315 or fax/215-854-0083.