Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer

A Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyer on the Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer

Philadelphia Medical Malpractice LawyerStatistics indicate cancer will be diagnosed in as many as 40% of Americans. A prompt diagnosis provides the best opportunity for treatment and lessening of the effects. An experienced Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer is well aware of the consequences of a delayed diagnosis.

The Costs of a Delayed Diagnosis

Sadly, some cancers cannot be beaten. Others can, though. A Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney can tell you that a delayed diagnosis often (but not always) greatly diminishes a patient’s chances of survival. Moreover, it prevents the terminal cancer patient from having:

  • The opportunity to fight
  • The opportunity to extend life, even though death may be inevitable
  • The opportunity to reduce pain and other side effects associated with the disease during his or her life

Issues to Consider

The type of cancer and how fast that type of cancer typically spreads will determine the legal strategy your Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney will employ. For example, did a medical professional:

  • Fail to observe obvious symptoms?
  • Fail to order follow-up tests when obvious symptoms were observed?
  • Fail to follow established medical standards of care in prescribing treatment based upon observed symptoms?

Additionally, a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer understands that many medical professionals are involved in the process of diagnosis.

Lack of Communication

Many medical professionals are typically involved in the diagnosing, recommending of treatment and informing the patient of his or her options. Far too often, as a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer can tell you, a delayed diagnosis results from a break in the link of the chain between and/or among:

  • Primary care physicians
  • Pathologists
  • Radiologists
  • Surgeons

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, your Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer must, with the assistance of a qualified Medical Expert, determine whether the patient’s end result would have been different had an earlier diagnosis been made; and whether the diagnosis actually rendered conforms to the proper standard of care.

Seek the Legal Counsel of a Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Attorney

The physical and emotional impact of cancer is devastating. Place the legal issues in the hands of Gerard G. Bernhardt, Jr. & Associates, P.C., a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer, at 1650 Market St. Suite 5500, Philadelphia, PA 19103, phone/215-854-0315 or fax/215-854-0083.